May 18, 2021

How Restaurants Struggled During the Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic shocked the entire world. Millions of workers were let go or furloughed because of government-imposed restrictions on businesses. Employees had no guarantee of when or if they would have a job again. Over 100,000 American small businesses had to close permanently. A large percentage were restaurants.

No industry has suffered more over the last year than the restaurant industry. Restrictions on indoor dining forced many restaurants to close forever. Restaurants did their best to stay afloat by offering takeout and food delivery services to customers. It was the only way for these restaurants to generate income during the pandemic. The restaurants’ struggle did not end there, sadly.

However, it has not been easy on any restaurant owner. Virtually all restaurants lost revenue because fewer customers were ordering takeout meals. The hysteria over the coronavirus caused people to panic and insist on staying six feet apart from everyone. They didn’t even trust touching the same surfaces that other people had touched.

Local restaurants had no way to communicate with local customers who wanted updates on their services. Traditional advertisements on television and radio were just too expensive and impersonal. The restaurant owners needed to find a more inexpensive and effective way of reaching their customer base. Deals on Groupon or deals on are great, but they don’t inform the customer about the latest news regarding restaurants in their neighborhood.


SpotEatery is a mobile app that established a direct link between local restaurants and their neighborhood customers during the pandemic. Restaurants used the SpotEatery app to engage with customers and to help them discover their announcements, specials, promotions, and eGift Cards.

Partner restaurants have the right to advertise on the SpotEatery app and encourage more customers to download and use it. Once a customer creates a SpotEatery account, they can search for restaurants in their neighborhood and follow the ones they love the most. They can also discover new restaurants and any special restaurant deals taking place.

Restaurants can make their announcements in several different ways through the SpotEatery app. They can still post up to social media if they want, but they can also send in-app notifications and email messages to their customers as well. It ensures that customers don’t miss any critical updates and announcements.

Communication doesn’t just flow one way. Restaurants can use SpotEatery to let their customers complete a feedback survey after they make a purchase. The feedback survey lets restaurants know what customers thought of their services and what can be done to improve them. This kind of honest feedback allows restaurants to become better and increase customer satisfaction in the future.

Download the SpotEatery App

When customers ask the question, "Where can I find restaurants near me?"", the SpotEatery app will give them the answer. It is a free download available for smartphones running the Android or iOS operating systems. Encourage all of your customers to download it so that they can keep track of your announcements and special deals instantly.

The world is changing. It is more vital than ever for restaurants to connect with their customers. Don’t wait for the next pandemic to strike before implementing this app into your restaurant’s communication system. It will keep you ahead of your competition whenever disaster strikes again.

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