February 01, 2021

Giveaway, to build a Strong Community

The number of needy families is growing across the United States. An estimated 54 million Americans will go hungry this year alone. The public can no longer depend on the government to solve the hunger problem in this country. Everyone in their community must come together to help impoverished families by making sure they never go hungry again.

SpotEatery, the restaurant and grocery store communication app, is starting to lead this effort. They make it easy for generous people to buy and send grocery e-gift cards to any impoverished family in their community. It eliminates the risk of giving cash away by ensuring the money goes toward feeding hungry families.

SpotEatery has formed partnerships with hundreds of restaurants and grocery stores in neighborhoods all over the U.S. Their partnerships continue to expand every week. If you don’t see your local restaurants and grocery stores on the app, contact these businesses and let them know about SpotEatery. It could help expand their services so that more needy families have additional options for where they can eat.

There are non-profit organizations in virtually every town and city in this country. Start contacting these organizations and spread the word about SpotEatery and what it can do for hungry families. Non-profit organizations could use their donation money to purchase grocery e-gift cards for these families through the SpotEatery app as well. They don’t have to be big organizations either.

The brilliant thing about the SpotEatery app is that it eliminates the need for managing large pantries filled with food. Now people can use a SpotEatery grocery e-card to buy food at dozens of different restaurants and grocery stores in their neighborhood. Charities and non-profits no longer have to supply the food directly. They can focus 100% of their money and resources on these e-cards. That way, they can help even more families than they could before.

Benefits for non-profit organizations

  • Save on operational cost to maintain big food pantries to serve the needy.
  • Send notifications to the families about the event.
  • Fundraise from the restaurant and grocery network, like amazon smile.
  • Track grocery bags distribution from the pantry.
  • Reporting on the disbursed amount and its usage.
  • The automated process saves time, hassle, and fewer resources.

Benefits for impoverished families

  • It acts as a stop-gap for food stamp delays.
  • The family can go to their neighborhood grocery store with ease.
  • Only wanted groceries, in fact, buy them by choice and when needed.
  • Spend approved amount over multiple visits using the built-in ledger.
  • Built-in wallet helps to track transactions in real-time.
  • The automated process saves time, hassle and keeps the family pride.

How it works?

  • Non-profit sends the grocery e-Gift card via SpotEatery to the impoverished family.
  • Family goes to their nearby grocery store and pay the amount via SpotEatery.


Providing grocery to the impoverished family is as simple as click of a button

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